Margaret’s puppets on the March(es)

Jacques Flambeau, my seven-foot dragon puppet, participated in the SEIU/MoveOn October 10 March in downtown Chicago. Jacques’ banner for the occasion read “CONGRESS: Quit draggin’ your tails. Pass a FAIR federal budget.” That was just rude enough to make the union ladies laugh, and get Jacques’ picture taken by many marchers.

Four of my parade puppets, including Jacques, will be marching with the Jane Adams Senior Caucus November 7, carrying banners against proposed budget cuts which will adversely affect low-income seniors. The Isaiah puppet will be re-costumed in the watch cap, flannel shirt, and padded vest that are the common winter garb of homeless men, and will carry a banner that reads “DON’T LEAVE SENIORS OUT IN THE COLD—FUND PUBLIC HOUSING.”  I think the old prophet would approve.

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