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album cover These Bones
Along with a variety of traditional songs, labor songs, blues songs, ballads, and more, These Bones contains six of Margaret’s own original works: “Let Peace Prevail,” “Ancestors,” “Died in the War,” “Heart of You,” “Middle Aged Love,” and “These Bones.”

These Bones can be purchased on CDBaby or iTunes.

This one started out as a basement tape of lullabies for Margaret’s nephew Patrick. It expanded to include some grown-up love songs as well. A good gift for new parents, the tape has also seen use as an after-work tension reducer, an anodyne for minor and major grief, and a flu cure (!)

What Fond Delight can be purchased on the Cooper, Nelson & Early recordings page.

Love and War album cover
Rich three part harmonies, solo vocals by Phil, Margaret and Kate, instrumental backup by Bob Holdsworth and Ken Brown. Margaret leads on “Kangaro,” “I Drew My Ship,” “Water Bound,” “Susie Cleland,” “Tenting Tonight,” and her original song “Let Peace Prevail.”

Love and War can be purchased on CDBaby.

Return No More album cover
Phil Cooper, Margaret Nelson, and Kate Early, with Natural Bob Holdsworth and Ken Brown. Gritty traditional songs matched by strong contemporary material. Margaret leads on “The Cuckoo,” “Cruel Mother,” “The Bergen,” and “Drowsy Sleeper.” A great gift set with Hearts Return.

Return No More can be purchased on CDBaby or iTunes.

Hearts Return album cover
Vocals by Phil Cooper, Margaret Nelson, and Kate Early, backed by guitar, flute, bass, English horn, and percussion make this a truly memorable recording. Cut #5 is folk-rock from THE BORDER SCUM, the alter-ego band that manifested on Margaret’s 50th birthday!

Hearts Return can be purchased on CDBaby or iTunes.

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